Iraq 10 years later

I’m a day late for the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, but I should mention it because it and the Bush administration are why I got into blogging (although it’s not obvious from my first post). The Bush administration had become so relentless in its attempts to demonize any opposition, that I had to find a place to yell or go crazy. The things to remember about the war: lies (and it was obvious at the time), propaganda, and bullying were used to start the war (Weapons of mass destruction! Hussein is Hitler! Liberals are traitors! We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud! Hussein=Al Qaeda!);  it led to Guantanamo and all that entailed (secret prisons, jail without evidence, torture, indefinite incarceration without trial); it led to a huge expansion in secrecy and the police state (warrantless wire-taps, a large increase in National Security Letters, the expansion of executive power without oversight (it can’t be brought to trial because of Secrecy!!!)). And Iraq really isn’t much better off now than it was before the invasion.

The reason the anniversary isn’t as high-profile as it should be is that most people were wrong and people don’t like being reminded. Also, President Obama said that we should look ahead not back and so we haven’t tried to punish any of the people who lied us into war which would have brought the issues back to the foreground. Those of us who didn’t back the war need to try to remind people how wrong the people pushing the war were whenever they pop up again, although I’m sure we’ll just be ignored again.

Anyway, this is an anniversary to make me cynical so fuck all those who made the war possible.

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