Another reason to regulate

I have pretty much the same comment as Kevin Drum about this:

At a moment when corporate America is caught between what it sees as two different nightmares — preventing a crippling attack that brings down America’s most critical systems, and preventing Congress from mandating that the private sector spend billions of dollars protecting against that risk — the Telvent experience resonates as a study in ambiguity.

Hmm, either our profit may go down or an attack that cripples the US–what a tough choice.

In a separate bit, I think Rep. Mike Rogers doesn’t know what it means to be a rational actor:

Iran, however, may be a different threat. While acknowledging that “China is stealing our intellectual property at a rate that qualifies as an epidemic,” Representative Mike Rogers, the Michigan Republican who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, added a caveat in an interview on Friday. “China is a rational actor,” he said. “Iran is not a rational actor.”

Iran has almost no trade with the US, the US has said that Iran is an enemy, and the US (with Israel) attacked Iran with the Stuxnet virus. Why isn’t it ‘rational’ for Iran to at least prepare to retaliate?

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