Republican governors want to see if you’re a sucker

The Boston Globe has an article about how some Republican governors are becoming more pragmatic:

Many Republican governors who worked to thwart much of President Obama’s first-term agenda are shifting gears and softening their rhetoric now that his run was extended for four more years and they’re facing their own reelection.

These state leaders are offering greater cooperation on health care and skipping the tough talk on immigration, taking a cue from voters who in November’s election expressed their opposition to partisan gridlock in Washington.

For many governors, the new approach reflects not just the specific needs of their states but also the realities of the political calendar: Nearly two dozen GOP governors elected in 2009 and 2010 could face the voters again.

‘‘People may agree or disagree with my position on this social issue or that social issue, but as long as I’m not rubbing it in their face all the time and instead talking about jobs and balancing the budget in a way that’s relevant to their lives, that’s where the real focal point is,’’ said Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin in an interview during the weekend’s National Governors Association meeting.

If anyone thinks they’re really moderating their views then they really are suckers. Walker, for example, ran as a pragmatic and then specifically tried to get rid of union rights in a very high-profile manner. The thing to look at is where they get their funding. Walker gets his from the Koch foundation, do you really think they’re going to support him if he becomes more pragmatic? Once the election is over, if he wins, Walker will try to pass divisive bills again. One way to look at it, is to wonder why this is true:

Scott’s Medicaid decision followed similar pivots by Governors John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Snyder of Michigan. Each leads a state that Obama won last year and each has struggled with approval ratings below 50 percent.

It’s because each of them either passed or tried to pass legislation that most of their citizens were against. Why should anyone believe they won’t do the same thing once they’re reelected?

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