What if Chris Cillizza is an idiot

Here’s Chris Cillizza:

Here’s (in part) what he said:

“I don’t believe President Obama wants an immigration bill to pass, instead I think he wants a political issue. His objective is to push so much on the table that he forces Republicans [to] walk away from the table because then he wants to use that issue in 2014 and 2016 as a divisive wedge issue.”

Cruz’s criticism centers on Obama’s insistence on the need for a path to citizenship for undocumented workers to be included in any legislation — a proposal that he says is directed at “scuttling” the bill.

Putting aside Cruz’s policy critique, which has and will continue to be litigated out inside and outside of Congress, it’s an interesting thought experiment to wonder what would happen if the Texas Republican is right about Obama’s intentions regarding immigration.

To be clear, we have no reason to think the president is up to some sort of grand Machiavellian scheme to destroy Republicans’ chances with Hispanics in the medium and long term at the expense of passing a reform of the nation’s immigration system this year. But, what if that’s the end result of all of this back and forth on immigration?

Here’s a question: which party is more against passing an immigration bill? Given it’s Republicans, wouldn’t the better thought experiment be to wonder what would happen if Republicans don’t want to pass a bill? Why they might think up reasons to be against anything Obama or Democrats propose–just like Cruz is doing here.

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