No more cuts either?

This is an interesting statement:

“The president says he has to have tax increases to head off the sequester. Well, he already got his tax increase,” Representative Martha Roby, Republican of Alabama, said in an interview Wednesday

As even Boehner says, there have already been spending cuts:

The plan called for immediate caps on discretionary spending (to save $917 billion) and the creation of a special House-Senate “super committee” to find an additional $1.2 trillion in savings. The deal also included a simple but powerful mechanism to ensure that the committee met its deficit-reduction target: If it didn’t, the debt limit would not be increased again in a few months.

and yet he also says tax increases are off the table:

The president has repeatedly called for even more tax revenue, but the American people don’t support trading spending cuts for higher taxes. They understand that the tax debate is now closed.

Well if the tax debate is now closed since there have been tax increases, that must mean that spending cuts are also off the table because there have been even more spending cuts. Right?

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