Whitey Bulger and gun rights

Well then:

Bulger a longtime informant for the FBI, is charged with 19 murders in the 1970s and 1980s as part of a sweeping racketeering case and is slated to stand trial in June in US District Court in Boston.

In 2000 or 2001, Bulger, 83, is ­believed to have called a Utah man who placed an ad in the “Thrifty Nickel,” or a similar newspaper, selling a 45-caliber Auto Ordnance pistol. The seller, who is not identified in court records, told agents that he sold the gun to the caller — an older man fitting Bulger’s description — outside a mall in Orem, Utah, ­because “he did not want to have the person come to his home,” accord­ing to court documents.

One of the 45-caliber pistols found in Bulger’s apartment was originally sold by the Sierra Specialty Shop in Wellington, Nev., in April 2004. The shop’s owner, Ginger Sagran, told the Globe during a phone interview that she sold the pistol to a friend, who is a regular customer, and that she never sells a firearm without making sure she knows who is buying it.

“We know that we did not sell it to Whitey; how he got the gun I don’t know,” Sagran said. “Unfortunately, the rules and regulations on gun control only affect honest people.

“They will not keep the guns out of the hands of criminals, because if they want them they’ll get them, even if they have to steal.” The man who bought the pistol from Sagran told ATF agents that he sold it two weeks later at “an unknown gun show” and “he has no idea who he sold the gun to,” according to the reports.

Yes, Bulger might have resorted to stealing guns but he didn’t have to, all he had to do was go to a gun show or buy from those ‘honest people’ who would be affected by gun control regulations.  And if a crime was committed using, it sure would be nice if this wasn’t true:

But federal law prohibits the ATF from maintaining a computerized database of firearms sales, and most states do not ­require private owners to keep records, making the process of tracking a gun from one buyer to another time-consuming and often impossible.

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