Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal wants the Republican Party to stop being the stupid party:

Jindal’s seven keys to GOP success include:

– We must stop looking backward – nostalgia is good, but aspiration is better.

– We must compete for every single vote – leave behind the 47 percent idea and compete for 100 percent of the American electorate.

– We must reject identity politics – demography is not destiny; the party must become “colorblind.”

– We must stop being the stupid party – leave behind “offensive and bizarre comments” and articulate a vision for America in “real terms.”

– We must stop insulting the intelligence of voters – stop dumbing down ideas.

– We must quit “big” – be the party of the middle class, not big business, banks, Wall Street bailouts and corporate loopholes.

– We must focus on real people outside of Washington, not the lobbyists and government inside Washington.

Think Progress has a nice outline of Jindal’s problems with the stupid himself, such as

but said if a procedure to save the life of the woman is performed that results in an abortion, that’s OK.

and making really caring statements:

We already make sure criminals know their rights. Before police arrest someone they inform them of all their rights under the law, so it’s only common sense that we would do the same for women before they get an abortion. Women deserve to know their legal rights and the protections already afforded to them under the law, and we are confident that the more they know, the more they will choose life.

  • increasing the sales tax so he can cut the income and corporate taxes (which will increase taxes on the poor and middle class while decreasing them for the rich);
  • cutting healthcare for the poor (in home hospice care actually saves the state money, so this really is just punitive):

The elimination of hospice programs for Medicaid patients who are not in nursing homes struck lawmakers on the state’s Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget particularly hard.

“We’re not going to make people suffer in their last days, are we?” Sen. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, asked.

“The reality is today we’re talking about redefining marriage. If the court is allowed to impose and write their own laws and their own views, and overturn those that are done by our duly-elected representatives, what’s to stop today’s [indistinguishable]. Tomorrow it may be property rights, maybe it’s Second Amendment rights. We have got to take a stand against judicial activism.”

And Think Progress doesn’t even get to the really crazy stuff, like:

  • believing in exorcism;
  • his ridiculing money going to monitor volcanos which was poorly timed since there was an Alaskan eruption two months later and then an eruption in Iceland that almost eliminated air travel to parts of Europe for a while.
  • maybe or maybe not believes in global warming:

On one whiplash-inducing page, Jindal acknowledges that “global warming may in fact be a significant problem for mankind,” and endorses efforts to “harness science and technology to raise efficiency, increase conservation, and reduce our emissions.” Then, as if remembering Republican orthodoxy on the issue, he adds: “Overall these doomsday scenarios are not fact, they’re conjecture presented with a bizarre religious fervor. Skeptics of the scenarios are shrilly denounced as modern-day heretics. I for one am not going to be intimidated by this.” And he keeps going. “Global warming alarmism,” he continues, “is often used to further extremist political agendas that are opposed to capitalism, in favor of population control, and even represent a sort of anti-technology Luddism. What all these agendas have in common is an effort to increase government control over the individual.”

(the same article includes this completely and utterly non-sexist statement:

he writes of a student adviser who warned that he was causing offense “because, as she said, ‘You’re holding the doors for the female students. And you need to call them women, not ladies or girls.’ (Actually she would spell it womyn because to spell the word women would be sexist, too.)”

And yet despite all this stupid, reporters are mostly taking his statement as something important, even in a column like this which is highlighting his support of creationism in schools we get:

I had just written that Jindal was an intriguing potential face of the GOP: young, smart, Indian-American, with Southern roots and a background in health care wonkery.

He’s also an ambitious politican. And now, he’s making his national play, courting headlines and coyly brushing off questions of 2016. At the very least, the Louisiana Science Education Act is a giant stain on his brand.

If he’s smart enough to abandon it — to take his own slogan to heart — will Republicans reward him, or punish him?

Jindal is not saying that Republicans should change any policies, they just need to stop saying stupid things. Jindal isn’t going to stop supporting creationism, because he and his base support it. Full stop.

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