More false equivalency

Here’s another of those people who think we should all just get together and compromise:

How about imagining a new America in which people on both sides of this battle sit down — from the local to national level — and say, OK, we’re a million miles apart in what we believe, but there’s one thing we have in common. Without demonizing anyone, let’s work together to reduce the number of abortions. The next step is to ask: How can we educate young people about physical intimacy without trampling on the rights of parents and encouraging premature sexual activity? Why not have more campus discussions on considerate, careful sexual pleasure? How can we respect the belief of those who are against abortion availability, while acknowledging the fact that it is legal and likely to stay that way?

This is exactly what most pro-choice people believe right now–they want to increase the availability of contraception and education to reduce the number of abortions. The problem is that the most visible pro-life groups are also against contraception, so finding a compromise fails entirely because of one side. How to get around this? Make stuff up and put in asides:

Some studies show that over 90 percent of Catholic women use birth control. So let’s stop pretending. Let’s talk openly about contraception — and not just for women. Men use birth control, too — a fact too often ignored.

On the other side of the aisle, it’s time for “pro-choice” people to speak out loudly — as some have — and say, “We are not pro-abortion!” No one aspires to have an abortion. It is not enjoyable, physically or otherwise. Yet it sometimes seems that asking pro-choice people to say “yes, let’s reduce abortions” is the equivalent of asking NRA members to say “yes, let’s get automatic weapons off the street.” There is no slippery slope here.

Almost half of Catholics are pro-choice, the problem is that the leaders of the Catholic church are against any abortions and all contraception and this is true of most of the high-profile pro-life groups–so good luck getting them to compromise. And on the other side, almost all high-profile groups want to reduce the number of abortions (I don’t know of any that don’t care, but there might be some) and I don’t know of any that think abortions are good–the availability of them is good and for some situations they are very good.

We could reduce the number of abortions as he wants if the pro-life people weren’t adamantly against contraception and education. The pro-choice crowd is trying already.

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