But if the image is a lie

This article talks about how Republicans are trying to figure out a vision. Here’s one of their problems:

Having lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, Republicans now face a country that is increasingly younger, multiethnic and skeptical of Republican positions on some social issues. The party’s deficit-cutting agenda relies heavily on reducing taxes for the wealthy, which irks middle-class voters, and cutting spending on government programs, like Social Security and Medicare, that are popular with many voters.

The problem is that they obviously do not have a deficit-cutting agenda and they make this clear since they have continuously pushed for tax cuts much more than cutting the deficit. What they have is a tax-cuts for the rich agenda. Here’s another problem:

“Republicans will get their mojo back when they define themselves as the party of economic growth and upward mobility,” said Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, a Republican who will become the president of Purdue University next week.

The problem is that the party does not have a plan for economic growth, they have a plan for tax cuts for the rich. Their plans have reduced upward mobility and increased income inequality. Still, if they have a compliant press, they might be able to define themselves as the party of economic growth and upward mobility–after all, they have been defined as the party that cares about the deficit even though it’s obvious they don’t.

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