Guns are sacred

From yesterday’s Boston Globe:

His death changed the way Judy Palfrey looked at her responsibility as a physician, as a pediatrician. Guns were killing children as surely as any malignant tumor, as any virulent virus. She felt as ethically and medically obligated to remove guns from the lives of her patients as she was to remove Charles Copney’s toe.

The organization of which she later served as president, the American Academy of Pediatrics, issued guidelines requiring pediatricians to ask children’s parents or caregivers whether there were guns in their house.

A reasonable requirement, aimed at reducing the number of accidental discharges that kill and injure children. Except that in Florida, legislators passed a law in response to those guidelines that exposed doctors who had the temerity to ask such a question to sanctions by the state board of medicine.

Think about that, Florida tried to make it illegal for doctors to ask whether there were guns in the house. If the smoking lobby was this strong, doctors wouldn’t be able to ask if you smoke. We live in a weird country.

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