‘Right to work’ in Michigan

So it seems Michigan will become a ‘right to work’ (no, it doesn’t give you a right to work) state:

Snyder said Thursday morning at a packed news conference at his office in the  Romney building across from the Capitol that he wanted the Legislature to act  quickly on the bills and that he would sign them.

The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn by Dec. 20, but Republicans were  hoping to leave town as early as Dec. 13.

Snyder has long said right-to-work legislation hasn’t been on his agenda, but  he changed his view because of Indiana’s February passage of a right-to-work law  and increased political pressure to pass the bill in the Legislature’s lame-duck  session.

“Workers should have freedom to choose who they associate with,” Snyder  said.

Good job Governor Snyder, you give a quote that has nothing to do with a bill that doesn’t do what its name implies. No matter what backers of the bill say, they want to get rid of unions because unions make companies spread money out more (owners get less, workers get more).

Backers say right to work helps the economy of a state, but consider this:

The data on wages tell a fairly clear story. Of the top 10 states in per capita income in 2011, seven were not right-to work states. Of the bottom 10 states with the lowest per capita income, seven were right to work states.

“There is a lot of evidence that wages and benefits are lower in right-to-work states. There’s a redistribution of wages and benefits toward owners’ capital,” Belman said Thursday.

If you want, you can also look at this paper

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