ALEC and global warming

It seems ALEC is going to join the Heartland Institute in trying to get rid of renewable energy:

Todd Wynn, who directs ALEC’s energy, environment and agriculture task force,  said the group decided to take up the issue because some of its members are  worried about the mandates’ “impacts on their state’s economies and their constituents.”

That makes it timely that there’s a report (via here) showing that the thing’s that ALEC says are good for the economy aren’t, so if ALEC thinks this might hurt the economy then it’s probably good for it. As an example on how they think, go to ALEC’s report on the economies of the states. It gives Massachusetts (on page 78) an economic performance rank of 43. Given unemployment in Massachusetts is at 6.6% (tied for 16th place and below the national average), its poverty rate is ranked 14th, and its per capita income is ranked fifth, it’s an interesting ranking (in fact none of the states in the bottom 10 in per capita income are in the bottom 10 of ALEC’s ranking, Indiana is the worst with a 37th ranking, and 3 of the 4 states with the highest incomes are in their bottom 10).

Of course, the less said about the Heartland Institute the better.

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