Mr. Bipartisan

There are a few things that people should remember as they decide if they will vote for Scott Brown. First, most of his campaign was based on filibustering President Obama’s national healthcare. He did not go into office trying to be bipartisan and he didn’t just vote against bills, he filibustered them. You might also think about this bit:

Brown has won the endorsement of a few law enforcement unions and is now trying to use the Cadillac tax to cut into ­Warren’s support among other union members. Warren’s campaign says she would not have proposed the Cadillac tax, but “the overall law will lower health care costs, expand ­access, and provide improved benefits to seniors.”

You might remember that Brown got sworn in early specifically so he could filibuster against the appointment of Scott Becker, a union lawyer, to the NLRB. Here’s what he said at the time:

“My first priority in coming to Washington is to create jobs and put people back to work,” he said in a statement. “Craig Becker’s theories about how the workplace should function, if ever put into practice, would impose new burdens on employers, hurt job creation, and slow down the recovery.”

The main theory backed by Becker that was a problem for most Republicans was his support of card check legislation.

You might also notice that Brown voted much more often with Republicans in his first year (see here and here), that would be until about the time that he started campaigning for this election. Now ask yourself how he’ll act if he wins this election and gets a six-year term.

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