A tornado in Queens

I haven’t heard of this before (maybe I’m sheltered):

A waterspout with winds up  to 70 mph churned onshore and turned into a tornado toward Breezy Point,  officials said, a Queens neighborhood on the western edge of the Rockaway  peninsula.

Amateur video captured  images of the twister spiraling a mixture of sand and debris, which was largely  flung onto a nearby baseball field, according to Ross Dickman, a National  Weather Service spokesman.

The funnel churned about  600 yards inland before dissipating and was thought to be a relatively  low-strength twister, Dickman said. But it still had enough power to knock down  trees and power lines, causing minor structural damage to nearby buildings.

A second confirmed tornado  touched down in Brooklyn, another New York City borough, around 11:30 a.m.,  according to the weather service. This twister was about 50 yards wide as it  traveled a half mile in Canarsie, about 9 miles north of the other reported  tornado.

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