And some say ice is an alien life form

The amount of Arctic ice has reached a record low:

The news that the Arctic sea ice cover had shrunk to 1.58 million square miles on Sunday came two days after Royal Dutch Shell’s drill ship, the Noble Discoverer, took advantage of reduced sea ice and started sailing from Alaska’s Dutch Harbor to the Chukchi Sea, in anticipation of final federal approval for oil exploration activities there.

The area covered by Arctic summer sea ice usually reaches its low point around Sept. 13, when the region begins to cool. But it has been melting at an unprecedented 38,600 square miles per day and is expected to decline further before the ice begins to re-form. The last minimum sea-ice record of 1.61 million square miles was set in September 2007.

Being a newspaper they had to include this:

The new record may not convince some global warming skeptics, who continue to question the general scientific consensus that human-generated greenhouse gas emissions are helping drive climate change.

At what point can we ignore opinions are wrong? The evidence for global warming is very strong and getting stronger all the time, but that doesn’t stop newspapers from continuing to put in lines like this. Of course the evidence for evolution is even stronger and that hasn’t stopped large groups believing it’s a fraud.

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