A fun, but terrible, picture

Here’s a photo of a mural on the Greenway in Boston:

It’s a cute depiction of a kid playing around in his pajamas or is it?

The mural depicts a young, huddled figure swathed in a headcloth. Scores of viewers think the  figure depicts a terrorist. They expressed their criticism on the Facebook page of Fox Boston. The ACLU pushed back, highlighting the absurdity of attaching the terrorist label to a figure wearing a headdress.

I’m guilty, too, and I can prove it. My immediate reaction to the mural was: What is a cartoonish image of Palestinian hijacker Leila Khaled — the so-called “girl terrorist’’ of the 1960s — doing on the wall of an air intake structure in Dewey Square on the Rose Kennedy Greenway?

Still, there is something unsettling about placing art work dominated by a massive masked subject near the entrance to South Station, the city’s major railway station. Bostonians may lack knowledge of the vernacular of Brazilian street art. But the artists from Brazil may be a little fuzzy on Boston sensibilities, too. This is still the city of origin of the passenger jets used by Al Qaeda hijackers to attack the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Had the decision-makers had a better sense, Bostonians might have been treated to the color and energy of an Os Gemeos mural without the creepy aspect of the masked figure. Most of the twins’ paintings at the ICA exhibit, after all, feature characters whose faces are not masked.

Umm, yeah, it’s an affront to all of the Bostonians who think a depiction of a kid in his pajamas with a coat wrapped around his face is supposed to be a celebration of terrorism. Idiots.

While I’m putting up pictures, here are a few more I took on my walk today. I’m sure they’re outrageous for some reason:

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