Religious freedom

Charles Pierce has a very important observation on religious liberty:

I am not in my “newsroom” now and, as I understand it, these people have  chosen to eat at a particular fast food restaurant to show their support for the  views of someone who helps finance the “repair the gay” scam. If you believe  that a chicken sandwich “tastes like freedom,” I’m fairly sure I know how you  think. Badly. Funny how I didn’t see too many of these First Amendment fans  standing up for that mosque in lower Manhattan.

Or the one in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for that matter, which has roiled up a congressional primary in which the  game of Who Wants To Be A Wingnut? has devolved, and I’m exaggerating slightly  here, into a fight over whether or not you should throw a rock through the  mosque’s window or drive your pickup through its walls.

Michelle Malkin among others has taken to reciting the ‘First they came for …’:, as did Chuck Colson. Brent Bozell went even further:

“August 1st is a day that will live in infamy for the First Amendment  and the fundamental freedoms and rights we as a people have enjoyed  since the founding of our nation,” said L. Brent Bozell III, who is  president of’s parent organization, the Media Research   Center, and is chairman of ForAmerica.

“The HHS mandate imposed on the American people is the beginning of  the end of freedom as America has known it and loved it,” he said.   “August 1st marks the day when many family-owned-and-operated businesses  lose their rights to exercise their faith in their daily lives.”

You won’t be surprised to learn that all three were against the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ in New York City. The most basic right of religious liberty is to have a place of worship and they were against that right if the people were Muslim. The real test to see if you believe in religious liberty or free speech or any other liberty is if you will defend it when people you don’t like are being threatened. That’s the real meaning of Martin Niemoeller’s famous speech and they failed miserably when the time came to show if they believed in it.

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