But they’re religious

It seems there’s a war on religion in Israel also:

In a step that could intensify a major rift among Israelis, the defense minister on Tuesday ordered the army to prepare for a universal draft of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.

Many in the insular and rapidly growing community say they would rather go to jail than comply with an end to the decadeslong draft exemptions that have caused increasing outrage in the country.

Since I’m mostly a pacifist, I sympathise with this but again wonder why people who are religious get special treatment. On the other hand, I have no sympathy for this (bold added):

Resentment against the ultra-Orthodox for their exemptions has been growing along with their proportion of the population and political clout, as their parties often hold the balance of power in Israel’s fractious, multiparty political system, winning outsize budgets for their institutions and subsidies for their people, many of whom do not hold jobs.

I find this to be an interesting comment given that the ultra-Orthodox don’t want to be drafted:

Meir Porush, an ultra-Orthodox leader and a former lawmaker, said drafting his people would unleash a ‘‘civil war.’’

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