Olympics called leftist by conservative MP who rents SS uniforms

A British MP doesn’t seem to have liked the opening ceremonies at the Olympics, tweeting:

The most leftie opening ceremony I have ever seen – more than Beijing, the capital of a communist state! Welfare tribute next?

and later:

Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap. Bring back red arrows, Shakespeare and the Stones!

Then he didn’t help himself much in his defense of his tweets:

However, despite attracting condemndation from many fellow twitter users, Mr   Burley continued to criticise the ceremony. “Parts of it were overtly   political, like showing CND signs,” the MP said in a television   interview. “It was all rather clichéd about multiculturalism.”

He also said he wondered “why there was this huge, disproportionate focus   on rap music when it is a small part of multiculturism”.

Oh, the person who did the tweeting was this guy:

Mr Burley lost his parliamentary private secretary post after he was photographed at  a stag party in the Alps with a man wearing a Nazi costume.

He, of course, apologised:

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Burley said: “Being involved in a stag party where an SS uniform was worn was wrong and offensive.

“It was the wrong decision on my part; crass and insensitive.

“I am deeply sorry, and want to take this opportunity to offer the people of Cannock Chase an unreserved, wholehearted and full apology for the terrible offence this incident has undoubtedly caused.

He also made plans to visit Auschwitz.

Things went downhill from there:

However, his explanation started to unravel  after The Mail on Sunday  was told that Mr Burley had been the ‘driving  force’ behind the SS officer’s outfit and paid for its hire.

Mr Burley faced intense criticism from Labour  MPs and groups including the Board of Deputies of British Jews after film of the  event showed him raising a glass moments before  offensive toasts were  made.

One friend was heard describing Mr Burley as ‘the candidate for Berlin East’ while Mr Fournier paraded around in his uniform.  In France, it is a crime to wear or exhibit in public anything reminiscent of  the Nazi era, except in the context of a film, play or historical  exhibition.

And that trip to Auschwitz?

Aidan Burley was said to have been “texting and dozing” during a talk by a Holocaust survivor at the concentration camp earlier this week.

Obviously, this is not the smartest person on the planet. I wonder if he’s figured out that he should just shut up?

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  1. Panama
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 08:03:58

    The Prime Minister, David Cameron, fired Mr Burley after it was reported that he had been responsible for hiring the offensive uniforms for a stag weekend party in France in December.


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