You can trust us

This is a truthful and misleading statement:

The law picks up the entire cost of covering more people for the first three years, and then drops to 90 percent, with states covering the remaining 10 percent. It is a great deal, proponents argue, especially compared with the current Medicaid rates, in which Washington pays as little as half of the costs.

But a few GOP governors at the meeting said they suspected a bait-and-switch in which states would agree to the expansion only to see Congress cut some or all of the funds, leaving governors on the hook and potentially bankrupting budgets.

‘‘At any whim they could just pull the money,’’ Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona said. “So yeah, I’m a little gun-shy.’’

Here’s what she should say: if my party takes control of government we’re going to cut aid that goes to the poor and middle-class including Medicaid, assuming we don’t just get rid of or gut the law.

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