Here’s a public service announcement:

DNSChanger was a malware program that changed the DNS settings of computers that were infected, sending them to a rogue DNS server (when you then type in the name of a web site it is sent to your DNS server to be changes into the number settings the computer uses, the rogue DNS server would sometimes direct you to a different site). Up to 4 million computers were believed to be infected when the FBI disabled the network. The FBI set up a system of DNS servers to take the place of the ones put up by the rogue DNS servers, but only for four months. As of July 9 these are being taken down, so any computer that hasn’t been fixed yet will lose service (go here or here for more information).

To check to see if your computer is infected, you want to check your DNS server. For a Windows computer:

  1. Start the Run command or get a command prompt (in Windows 7, this is in the accessories folder after clicking the Windows Start button on the bottom left–it’s Command Prompt)
  2. at the prompt, type:  ipconfig/all
  3. Scroll up to find DNS Servers and find yours–it’s in the from a.b.c.d where a, b, c, and d are numbers between 1 and 255–so something like
  4. Go here and type in your DNS Server or there’s a list here (on page 5) or go here
  5. If you are infected go here to find tools to get a fix

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