But there’s no sexism

I’m a little slow to this:

Later this month, Republican State Sen. Marty Golden’s office is holding a career-development event for women in his southern Brooklyn district teaching them “Posture, Deportment and the Feminine Presence.”

That’s according to a taxpayer-funded mailing being sent out in Golden’s district, which an offended reader passed along. The taxpayer-funded event – presented by a “certified protocol consultant” – is part of a series teaching women in Brooklyn “what’s new in the 21st century as it relates to business etiquette and social protocol.” More details are also available on Golden’s Senate website, including the fact that women in attendance will be taught to, “Sit, stand and walk like a model,” how to, “Walk up and down a stair elegantly” and “Differences in American and Continental rules governing handshakes and introductions.”

There are two parts to this. The first is that some of this is probably necessary for some people–there are people who need to be taught some of the basics of business etiquette. The second part is that it shows that sexism is indeed an issue. This state Senator is probably sexist, but I’m sure his office is reacting to how things are in the real world. Women are held to a different standard in the workplace. Hopefully, this will not be brushed aside as one person’s craziness but instead as a sign that there are problems for women in the workplace that need to be addressed.

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