Immigration reform

This is a good thing and a long time coming:

Obama’s new policy, outlined in a memo by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, applies to illegal immigrants under 30 years old who arrived in the United States before they turned 16 and who have lived in the country for at least the last five years. Napolitano said the changes – which are not an executive order but merely the exercise of enforcement discretion by the Department of Homeland Security – were necessary because young illegal immigrants without criminal records are not the people the immigration removal process was designed to focus on. Expending resources on such deportations, she said, conflicts with the economic needs of the country.

Scott Brown’s response:

he opposes the change, suggesting it would set off a new wave of illegal immigration. He said he would be open to allowing young people who have chosen military service to obtain citizenship in recognition of their sacrifice. “Rather than sidestepping Congress on this major policy shift, the president should work with us toward a bipartisan, long-term solution,’’ Brown said.

This would be one of the Senator’s that filibustered the Dream Act, it had majority support, and says nothing about what he would do on his website. And Republicans have been blocking the Dream Act for six years and many of them demagogue on the issue. If Senator Brown actually put out a proposal then he could talk about a bipartisan solution, but at this point Democrats are the only ones who are working on immigration reform.

I should note that President Obama hasn’t had the best record on this issue:

In a 2011 Pew Hispanic Center poll, most Latinos – by a margin of 59 percent to 27 percent – opposed the deportation policies of the Obama administration, which has annually expelled a higher number of undocumented immigrants than the Bush administration did.

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