I’m not sure I know this Scott Brown

Today, the Boston Globe has an article (pay site) about Scott Brown. It’s one of those usual puff articles that newspapers like to write about politicians every once in a while to show they can be nice. Here’s the main thrust of the article:

Brown arrived as a superstar after roaring into office in a special election to replace the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. But even as he soaked up waves of media attention, Brown and his pickup truck revolution ran headlong into reality – getting things done in Washington, especially as a freshman of the minority party, is maddeningly hard.

He has discovered in his first two years in office that his considerable political charms and carefully cultivated everyman image – the ingredients for his electoral success in the Bay State – have not always helped him navigate a clubby Senate chamber that is riven by partisan divides, stocked with outsized egos, and operates under Byzantine rules and traditions.

“He’s impatient, because he wants to get things done,’’ said Maine’s Olympia Snowe, one of the few Republican moderates in the Senate who, like Brown, often votes with Democrats. “He walked into this spotlight almost immediately.’’

Shunning labels, Brown arrived in the capital promising to be a “Scott Brown Republican,’’ someone guided by his own star, and he has, in fact, demonstrated ideological flexibility on some issues.

I know it’s hard to remember, it was more than two years ago, but when he was running for the seat Scott Brown said very little about what he was going to do if elected. His campaign basically came down to: I wear a brown coat, I drive a pickup truck, and I’ll filibuster against Obama’s healthcare proposal. He didn’t go to get things done, he went to filibuster and he even made sure he was sworn in early so that he could filibuster against Scott Becker (you can’t have a union man on the National Labor Relations Board after all). If now he’s frustrated by the difficulty in getting things done, then he could look himself in the mirror.

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