Breitbart and voter fraud

It seems the Breitbart operation is continuing its work to get voter ID laws passed (no, I’m not going to link to it) . This article makes an important point:

O’Keefe is engaging in political theater, which is why he will probably never compile any sort of empirical data to back up his assertion that voter fraud is a major problem and that more voter ID laws are needed in the United States. It’s also why he continues to ignore any empirical evidence that contradicts him — or, worse, takes the easy way out, labels it the traditional combination “liberal” and “media” and has his followers coerced without a single question. 

But there are questions. For instance, earlier this year, O’Keefe showed that dead people could vote in the New Hampshire primary. Now, his crew is impersonating without an ID. But why does he never follow through? Well, because that would likely earn him a trip to prison of up to five years, a hefty $10,000 fine, or both. 

“It could happen,” said Samuel Issacharoff, a professor of constitutional law at New York University. “If his claim is that it is possible to walk into a polling place and claim to be somebody else and not have to show ID, that is probably correct.

“But on the other hand, does this happen? Do people risk serious criminal penalties in order to cast one vote and try to tip an election by in-person voter fraud? There’s no evidence that there are such practices. There’s no evidence of concerted efforts to have people do this.”

The point is that they are trying to use anecdotes to convince people to support this  policy, because the data is not on their side (Republicans do the same thing with welfare, there isn’t much fraud so they bring up ‘welfare queens’). In person voter fraud is ineffective which is why it’s rare and why  it isn’t an important part of election fraud. Republicans push this because it might drive down voting by typically Democratic constituencies and because it implies that the wrong type of people are voting (I talk about this more here).

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  1. Anonymous
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 20:10:27

    I know a family in Virginia who has voted 3 times in different districts, showing ID, Hampton, VA, Midlothian, VA, Richmond, VA and he is Military voting republican


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