Catholic Church decides to separate from all things it disagrees with

It seems the institution of the Catholic Church has decided to only work with institutions it completely agrees with:

For three years now, Compañeros, a small nonprofit organization in rural southwestern Colorado, has received thousands of dollars from the Roman Catholic Churchto help poor Hispanic immigrants with basic needs including access to health care and guidance on local laws.

But in February, the group was informed by a representative from the Diocese of Pueblo that its financing from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, an arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops devoted to ending poverty, was in danger.

The problem, the diocesan liaison explained, was Compañeros’s membership in an immigrant rights coalition that had joined forces with a statewide gay and lesbian advocacy group, recounted Nicole Mosher, Compañeros’s executive director.

Think about that. The Catholic Church didn’t say the group did anything against Church teaching, but there was a problem because they were associating with others who did.

This is something to remember as you consider hospitals and universities–don’t expect to get help from them if you have a problem whose solution they don’t allow (for example, don’t go to a Catholic hospital if you’re pregnant and there is any chance of a complication–the hospital is under orders to let you die rather than give you an abortion). It’s also a reason the Church shouldn’t be allowed to run government programs (see here).

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