Scott Brown and the deficit

Scott Brown likes oil subsidies. Ok, that’s a little off, let’s look at why he filibustered against ending them:

“With gas prices nearing $4.00 a gallon, we must work together across party lines to implement an all-of-the-above approach to our national energy policy. I do not support this bill in its current form because it will do nothing to reduce prices at the pump,” Brown said in a statement. “I had hoped the Majority Leader would allow the Senate to consider amendments that would help solve our energy challenges, including moving forward with construction of the much needed Keystone pipeline. Instead, what happened this week was just more politics as usual.”

“Elizabeth Warren is an ‘energy elitist’ who thinks we can power our country on renewable sources alone. Even with Massachusetts motorists shelling out nearly four dollars a gallon at the pump, she opposes key efforts to increase our supply of oil, including construction of the Keystone pipeline, which will not only help bring down gas prices but also create thousands of good construction jobs,” Barnett said in a statement. “It is only through pursuit of all sources of energy – nuclear, coal, oil, natural gas, solar, wind – that we will become truly energy independent.”

The main reasons to end oil subsidies are because oil companies are doing very well and we have this deficit thing. Scott Brown says he wants to reduce the deficit but doesn’t seem want to hurt the rich or rich companies. If that seems harsh, go back to this post which notes that he was against extending unemployment insurance unless it was paid for, but was against taxing banks to pay for financial regulations–preferring to increase the deficit than have banks pay more. Now you might say he’s just against raising taxes but this time there are no taxes involved (and, really, either you’re for raising some taxes or you want huge spending cuts if you want to get rid of the deficit).

I also love how he talks about how the bill was politics as usual and then sends out a statement saying Warren is an ‘energy elitist’–it certainly is politics as usual to say you can’t protect the environment and have a real energy policy and to filibuster things the majority support.

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