Property rights and a pipeline

Charles Pierce brings up an interesting question about the Keystone XL pipeline to bring oil from Canada to the refineries in Louisiana:

One of the major issues that bubbles hotly under our politics — particularly our conservative politics — is the backlash against Kelo v. City Of New London, the 2005 decision by which the Supreme Court allowed New London to take several abandoned properties for the purpose of furthering an economic development plan. (Which, it should be noted, failed utterly. The land that the city took wound up being used as a dump.)

the Keystone XL pipeline. Ranchers and landowners in the areas through which the pipeline is proposed to run have joined with environmentalists in opposing the project. The former group have gotten letters from TransCanada, the multinational energy giant that wants to build the pipeline, in which they see the long reach of the Kelo decision in their own lives

There is no obvious conservative position on this and either supporting the use of eminent domain by government to take private property to build the pipeline or opposing its use, which would make building the pipeline difficult, would upset some conservatives. Thus, it’s a good question to ask the Republican candidates for president.

As an aside, I think the use of eminent domain to take private property for private use is opposed by most people, not just conservatives.

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