State rape

One of the semi-good things to come out of the crazification of the Republican presidential primaries is that it has meant that some of the state level crazy is now being noticed–for example it stopped the punishment if you want an abortion bill in Virginia. It also has brought to light similar bills in Alabama and Pennsylvania, although too late to help in Texas.

It also shows how Republicans are running a bit scared–notice how the bills in Alabama and Pennsylvania (here and here) talk about increasing women’s rights. They, of course, actually decrease women’s rights (it means they now have the ‘right’ to have an ultrasound before an abortion–wherein they mean they must).

I especially like this comment by one of the Pennsylvania bill’s sponsors:

Kauffman said he does not believe the bill’s intent is to mandate a transvaginal procedure.

“That is how those who oppose this bill are going to try to oppose it, but I don’t believe it’s accurate,” he said. “A traditional ultrasound is the method used for this legislation. There is absolutely no requirement for the transvaginal. If nothing is found, they move on.”

Kauffman said the bill doesn’t specifically refer to either type of ultrasound because transabdominal is “the accepted method” and transvaginal “is not the accepted method.” He said he asked Rapp, who introduced the bill, about the possibility of a transvaginal procedure and “she said she had never heard of it.”

Keller also said he was unaware that an internal ultrasound procedure might be required under the legislation.

“I’ll have to double check that. That would cause me some concern if that’s part of it,” he said. “You’ve brought up a question that I’ll be checking with staff on the health committee.”

That’s right, they don’t know what the bill might make women do and some of them ‘had never heard of’ one of the possible required procedures. That’s the way to write bills.

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