Scott Brown and the Blunt amendment

Scott Brown is for the Blunt amendment which allows employers to have insurance that only covers things they have no religious or moral objection with. I find this surprising for two reasons. First, he was ok with forcing religious employers to include contraception in their insurance when in came up in Massachusetts. Second, he has been trying to portray himself as a moderate lately and this is a conservative bill.

I also object to this:

“It’s elitist for Elizabeth Warren to dictate to religious people about what they should believe and how they should act,’’ said Colin Reed, a spokesman for the Brown campaign. “She wants to use the power of government to force Catholics to violate the teachings of their faith.’’

It’s elitist for the government, but it’s not elitist for the Catholic church? The vast majority of Catholics use contraception (the figure 98% is thrown around), it’s only the elite of the Catholic hierarchy that are strongly against this. In a church setting this may make sense, but why should Catholics be able to force their beliefs on workers at a hospital or other public entity that they run?

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