Kenya and Turkey

  • Ok, now it seems that it might get better in Kenya with the signing of an agreement for power sharing between the main rivals. We will still have to wait and see if the agreement can work in practice, but it looks like all parties are ok with this and that should go a long way.
  • I’m sure this idea is all over, but isn’t this a bit hypocritical of the Bush administration:

Turkish leaders resisted calls by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates for a swift end to Turkey’s offensive against Kurdish guerrillas on Thursday, offering no timetable for withdrawing their troops from northern Iraq.

Mr. Gates came to the Turkish capital with a stern message that the Turkish winter offensive in the mountains of northern Iraq should wrap up within days. But after three hours of meetings with senior civilian and military leaders on Thursday, Mr. Gates said he had received no assurances on when the Turkish offensive would be over.

After all, President Bush is adamantly against timetables for the US in Iraq. It seems even more similar to Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006 which the US mostly supported.

I do think Turkey has been too heavy handed with the Kurds. Giving them more autonomy and rights in Turkey would probably go a long way to ending the conflict (it was illegal to speak Kurdish as recently as 1991 and Kurds are still discriminated against in Turkey).

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